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Amebic Hepatitis

Amebic Hepatitis

Amebic Hepatitis is more prevalent in the tropics but is also found in temperate areas as well. Amebic parasites find their way into the body through contaminated food and water. Within the digestive system they multiply rapidly. Some of them are transported through the bloodstream to the liver, where they lodge in the capillaries and envade the nearby tissues producing a typical picture if hepatitis similar to those described above.

Fatty liver is due to excessive amounts of fat being deposited in the liver cells. This occurs most frequently in overweight persons and in usually due to excessive intake of food, particularly fats. Certain intoxicants such as alcohol, carbon tetrachloride, and chloroform,  may also produce a fatty liver. It may occur in certain cases of tuberculosis, diabetes, anemia and in deficiency condition, such as pellagra.

The liver is enlarged and tender, and there may be jaundice, fluid in the abdomen, excessive bleeding, and other evidence of liver failure. The patient should be given a high protein, low-fat diet, and two or three teaspoons of dried yeast powder in milk twice daily between meals, or two yeast tablets two or three times a day as needed. He should be placed on a reducing diet and avoid the use of alcohol in any form – permanently.

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