Choosing The Right Hearing Aid for You

Choosing a Hearing Aid

Many people who can still hear loud sounds may not be aware of a partial loss of hearing. They may even seems dull and stupid, yet there maybe nothing with their minds. Their deafness could be due to wax in the ear canals. If present, this should be gently removed. I no wax is present, the trouble might due to either nerve deafness or conduction deafness.

There are many different types of hearingaids. Before buying one, it is always well to consult an ear specialist. Some people may do well with a hearing aid worn behind the ear designed for bone conduction deafness. Others will hear better with an instrument that makes use of air conduction. Some small transistor hearing aids may even bulit into the frame of a person’s glasses. These have a small ear piece that fits into the ear canal.

Some people who are hard-of-hearing may benifit from a stapes mobilization operation. Others may have some form of nerve deafness that may not available.

All hard-of-hearing patients should be trained in the art of lip reading. It is surprising how succesfully some who are totally deaf can communicate with those around them by carefully observing their lips as they speak. Relatives and friends should always make sure to enuncuate plainly in speaking to those with impared hearing.

Never forget that those who are hard-of-hearing are often depressed over their disability. They feel very much alone. Certainly they need understanding, but not sympathy. Of a hearing aid will help, by all means buy one. If the patient needs an operation, take hime some medical center where it can be done. Do all you can to help the patient adjust to his disability. Let him know that in spite of his handicap he can still fill a usuful place in the world. This will help him to live out his days with real satisfaction and peace of mind.

Modern hearing aids, sometimes concealed in the eyeglass frame, are quite inconspicous.


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