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Chronic Halitosis: How to Treat This Condition?

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Nothing is more objectionable than bad breath or we called it Chronic Halitosis. Unfortunately, most people are completely unaware that they are offending in this respect, one common halitosis causes of trouble is bad teeth. Dental decay at the roots of the teeth may result in abscesses in the gums with foul-smelling pus giving an objectional odor to the breath.

Even small holes in the teeth may provide a place where germs can multiply and release foul odors. These are very common in younger people. Badly fitting dentures that have not been properly cleansed are common halitosis causes of trouble, especially in older folk. Bad tonsil and infections of the adenoids and sinuses may also play a part in this. Odors may also rise from inflammation in the stomach, and also from food materials that have not been completely digested.

Halitosis Treatment:
See a good dentist at once if you have any cavities in your teeth. Your doctor will advise you concerning the condition of your gums, tonsil, adenoids, sinuses, and other parts that may be the center of offensive odors. A wholesome, well-balanced diet will go a long way toward preventing trouble. All decay teeth should be properly filled or extracted. A simple, well-chosen diet with plenty of fruit is one excellent way to avid offending other people with halitosis.

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