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Constipation Symptoms and Treatment


Constipation means difficult or infrequent passage of the feces. In some cases it is due to any mechanical obstruction of the intestines, such as cancer, diverticulitis, or perhaps colon discussed above. In most cases there is no actual obstruction.

Many early people suffer from constipation, probably because they do not take sufficient fluid. They may think they are drinking enough, but carefully observation may reveal that they are only having two or three glasses of liquid a day. For normal bowel habits, one  should have from six to eight glass of fluid each day.

Sometimes constipation may result from not heeding the normal call of nature. Many such people dependent upon laxatives in early childhood. This is most unfortunate, for it means that the child may be dependent on drugs for the rest of his life. As far as possible, do not use an enema on child unless absolutely necessary. Laxatives and enemas are only for special occasion. Nature will provide for the normal needs of the body without any artificial help.

Constipation Treatment:

Consists of developing normal habits. If necessary, some child laxative, such as milk of magnesia, may be used. The diet should be rich in  fruits and  vegetables, for these natural laxatives. The patient should have regular meals and avoid nervous tension. He should sleet at least eight  hours a night and take regular exercise. Many cases of constipation are relieved by the use of prune juice or other  natural laxatives. Sensible habit of living, plus six to eight classes of water per day, and a reasonable amount of exercise will cure most people of constipation. But in obstinate cases, it would be wise to have an X-ray of the large bowel, just in case there is something that should be corrected.

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