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Intestinal Obstruction Symptoms and Treatment

Intestinal Obstruction

Intestinal obstruction is common, particularly in elderly people and those who have undergone extensive surgery of the abdomen. Bands and adhesion, or pressure from nearby tumors, are the usual cause. Sometimes a loop of bowel will be the caught in a hernia. Gallstones may also be responsible for obstruction.

In a few cases intussusception and twisting of the bowel or volvulus, may be responsible for obstruction. Infestation with large round worms may also cause intestinal obstruction. The worms may be so abundant in the bowel that the lumen becomes entirely blocked. Finally there is the paralytic ileus, the blocking of the passage of peristaltic waves, which occurs after operations or following an attack of peritonitis.

Complete obstruction of the small intestine cause cramp like pains followed by vomiting. Later the patient may develop symptoms of shock unless the obstruction is relieved.

Intestinal Obstruction Treatment:

Intestinal obstruction is a serious condition. Prolonged vomiting changes the chemical balance of the blood and eventually results in shock and severe dehydration. All such patients should be treated in hospital. In most cases surgery is the method of choice. The sooner the operation is performed, the better the patients chance of making a good recovery.

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