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Know Your Types of Wounds

There are four main types of wounds, as describe in the following paragraphs. Each requires a different type of treatment.

  1. Abrasions are caused by scraping the skin, as may occur in a highway accident. These “Brush burn” injuries are always badly infected. Gently wash the area with soap and warm water, removing all the dirt on the surface. Cover the area with a sterile dressing and bandage carefully. This will help to relieve both pain and shock.
  2. Incised wounds are deep cuts, such are made with a knife, broken glass, or razor blade. These wounds always bleed freely because. Many blood vessels in the skin have been cut. They are less likely to be infected. Bleeding helps to wash out any germs. However, a few stitches may be needed to control the bleeding. Bandage the area firmly and take the patient to a doctor or to a hospital emergency room as soon as possible.
  3. Lacerations are torn wounds made by blunt instruments, or by explosions, or falls against sharp edges. They are particularly dangerous because dirt and germs are often ground into the wound. Much of the normal tissue in the area has been damaged, and the danger of infection is great. Such injuries are best cared for in a hospital emergency room, where the damaged tissues can be safely cut away under suitable anesthesia and the wound thoroughly cleansed and repaired.
  4. Puncture wounds and stabs are caused by narrow-pointed instrument, such as needles, nails, rose thorns, ice picks, scissor blades, bullets and similar objects. Puncture wounds do not bleed freely, unless a large blood vessel as has been entered. Germs frequently lodge in this type of wound, painful abscesses may occur. Cleanse the wound as much as possible and apply rubbing alcohol over the surrounding area. Then apply a firm pressure bandage and take the patient to the doctor.

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