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Laryngitis Treatment

Laryngitis treatment
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Hoarness or laryngitis is often associated with the common cold or some upper respiratory infection. It usually due to inflammation of the larynx or voice box. The patient complains of an unnatural change of voice and a sense of tickling, and also a constant urge to clear the throat. Laryngitis may also come during an attack of tonsillitis or sinusitis. It may occur with bronchitis, pneumonia, influenza, measles, and other infections. Coughing is a frequent cause of trouble. Excessive use of the voice may lead to laryngitis.

A very sever from a laryngitis known as croup usually involoves younger children. Chronic laryngitis may arise from irritation due to drinking large amounts of alcohol. Excessive smoking and exposure to irritating dusts and fumes, or some long-standing inflammation of the nose and throat may also cause laryngitis or hoarness.

Tuberculosis of the vocal cords may occur if the lungs and bronchial tubes are involve. Benign tumors and even cancer are sometimes found of the vocal cords. Also, an enlarged thyroid gland may bring pressure over the larynx and cause some hoarness and difficulty in breathing.


During the acute stage follow the treatment recommended for sore throat. A heating compress should be applied and changed every eight hours. Medicated steam inhalations are particularly valuable in this condition. Chronic laryngitis could be due to may different things, one of the most frequent being excessive smoking. It is usually best to see a nose and throat specialist and have a thorough examination of the vocal cords. Hoarness due to tuberculosis can now be treated satisfactorily with anti-tuberculosis medicines. Tumor of the vocal cords can usually be removed by surgery. Everything possible should be done to clear up chronic infections of the tonsils, adenoids, sinuses and nasal passages. This will not only restore the normal tone of the voice, but will also do much to build up the general health of the patient.

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