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Nosebleed – Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment


Nosebleeding is very common at all ages of life. Sometimes it may arise from some serious condition, such as high blood pressure, typhoid fever, scurvy, leukemia, and some other generalized condition. Nosebleeing often happens in children who are subject to rheumatic fever and scarlet fever. Some girls are also troubled with some nosebleeding during menstruation. This is not serious. It should be mini minimized as fas as possible in the mind of the girl. Patients suffering from liver disease and jaundice may also be troubled with nasal hemorrhage.

However, most cases of nosebleeing result directly from injury, fracture, a foreign body in thenose picking.

Nosebleed Treatment:

By all means find the underlying cause of the trouble if at all possible. Meanwhile, try to stop the bleeding. Have the patient sit upright with the head bent forward and apply pressure on the side of the nose where the bleeding is coming from. Hold this pressure steady for at least fifteen minutes by the clock. Cold applications to the neck and the bridge of the nose may also help to cut down the bleeding.

Many cases of bleeding are found to be due to some small vessel spurting blood on one side or other of nasal septum. If so, the vessel should be cauterized under local anesthesia, preferably with an electrocautery. Strong silver nitrate solution may also serve the purpose. If there is heavy bleeding take the patient to the nearest hospital without delay and have the affected nostril packed with gauze.

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