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Preventing Venereal Diseases

The frightful price of promiscuous living is only too obvious to all sensible people. Prostitutes are dangerous, not only young men, but also to the young women they marry, and later to their unborn children. Syphilis and gonorrhea are always hazardous to any young person. In addition, there is always the problem of teen-age pregnancy, and the finding of oneself tied for life to someone who is really not a suitable companion. An unwanted pregnancy may force a may be later followed by separation and divorce. If not, there is always the feeling of guilt due to unhappy memories that remain for life.

Many young men are scared away from early sex contacts through fear of pregnancy, but this is not always true in the young men. There are plenty of “easy” girls around to trap the unwary and spread disease. Too many young women are all too easily led into unwanted sex contacts because of a desire to be popular. As a result, venereal disease is on the increase today all over the world, in spite of all our modern medicines. Some young men may boast of their conquest when in reality they have never had any experience at all. They are only talking this way because they think it is virile and masculine. But the truly manly young man will never descend to telling lies, nor will he be foolish enough to try to outdo his fellows with questionable women.

Here is where parents can help. Fathers need to get close to their sons, taking them out of short trips, just the two of them together.  Such occasions are among the happiest memories in life. The same is true with young women. If their mothers would make pals of their girls instead of lecturing to them, life would hold far more beautiful relationships for both of them. What is more, they would learn how to conduct themselves aright instead of allowing their emotions to control them.

Life can be unbelievably beautiful when there is a close relationship between husband and wife, and when they are both well-matched in mind and body and really remain true to each other. This should be the goal of every young person, and in so doing, they will lay the foundation of a happy home which they can enjoy for the rest of their lives.

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