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Whooping Cough

Whooping Cough,Whooping, Cough

Whooping Cough is a contagious disease that may cause serious trouble in lungs. At the height of the disease the patient goes through sever spells of coughing. These often and end in a high-pitched crowing form of breathing. The disease is rarely seen today because most children are now protected in early infancy by means of the DPT shots (theĀ  “P” represent pertussis, the medical name for whooping cough).

An attack of whooping cough may last as long as six weeks. It is a distressing disease to both parents and children, and may result in damage to the lungs and bronchial tubes, particularly in youngster the child, the more serious the disease.

Whooping Cough Prevention:

Be sure your baby is fully protected against whooping cough by means of the DPT shots. If he does develop the disease later, it will be rather mild.

Whooping Cough Treatment:

Isolate the child from other members of the family and the community. Give him a small frequent meals and plenty of fluids between feedings. Vomiting is common after the severe spells of coughing. Good nursing care is essential, especially in children who are weakened through some previous illness. Gamma globulin , 2.5 cc. to 5 cc., may be given intramuscularly and repeated several times is the child is very ill. Milder case of whooping cough will usually clear up without any permanent damage, but the best treatment of all is to prevent the disease by protecting the child during the early months of life.

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