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Handling Alcoholic Intoxication

Alcohol maims and kills more people than any other type of poison. More than half of the traffic accidents so common today are due to alcohol. It is not the drunkard but the so called “social drinker” who causes most of the trouble. Whether he is actually drunk or not, he may lose control of his car and run over innocent people on the highway.

What to do: The alcoholic who is “dead drunk” can be allowed to sleep off his alcoholic spree. This may take one or two days. Usually he is not much trouble. But the man who is half drunk is often violent, and may need to be restrained. He may continue to drink, and then go into a state of collapse. Unless he is given proper aid, he may die.

Young people should be urged to avoid the use of alcohol in any form. They should be given the truth on this important subject. For those who addicted to the use alcohol, there are organizations, such as alcoholics Anonymous, where they can receive help in overcoming their addiction.

To get help for alcoholics, all you need to do is admit that you have an addiction to alcohol, and sign up for an alcohol addiction treatment program.

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