Ways to Stay on Your Diet During Christmas

Typical Filipino Christmas Food
Does your diet fail each year because of Christmas? Holidays are almost always relegated to as the time when everyone gains a few pounds. This year though, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are four pain-free ways you can stay on your diet this Christmas:

Drink lots of water
Even as with any diet, drinking more water is all important any time, but especially so during the holidays. Your body can get dehydrated without you even realizing it. Instead of pouring a glass of wine or sugar-filled drinks, choose for a bottle of cold water instead.

Have a pep talk with yourself
All too often, diets are booted out the window during Christmas because you know how much food you are going to be around. You think that you might as well forget about your diet because there’s no way you’ll be able to stay on it while you celebrate. You’re wrong. Half the battle of sticking to a diet is having a made up mind that you are going to be successful this time. Prompt yourself of this every time you reach for another potato chip or slice of pecan pie.

Exercise often
Getting exercise during Christmas is actually not nearly as impossible as you might think. Simple things make a big difference, like parking far when you shop and walking a ways to get to the store. Instead of riding the escalator in the mall, take the stairs.

Eat half as much
Cutting down on your portions can dramatically reduce your chances of falling off the diet wagon. Grab a small saucer instead of a full-sized plate. Get a cup of punch that is half-full, if you must drink punch, rather than full to the top. These tiny steps are doable by anyone and can make a huge difference.

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