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Overcoming Depression

A well-planned and well-prepared meal goes a long way toward a happy family.

Even the finest diet may fail if our own attitude is faulty and full of gloom. Many years ago the Wise Man gave us this counsel: “A merry heart doeth good, like a medicine.” In other words, a happy, optimistic person is bound to keep better health. His whole bright philosophy gives him something worth while to live for.

But the Wise Man didn’t stop there. He added there significant words: A broken spirit drieth the bones.” How true! We all know that always look on the gloomy side of things. He depressed and discourage with every thing he see. Such a fellow can never really enjoy good health. His unhappy attitude interferes with his digestion. It slows down his circulation, makes him nervous and jumpy, spoils his sleep, makes him skeptical and suspicisous of others, and takes all the joy out fo living. All the vitamins pills and food supplement in the world will never make him happy.

May he needs a good cook, someone who knows how to prepare food, and serve it attractively. This is the most if one is to enjoy life to the full. A happy attitude is often either gained or lost at the dinner table. The smart man will recognize this and be grateful for the good things that come his way. He will quit his complaints, realizing that “the best things in life are free.” This is a lot more fun than griping about taxes and the high cost of living!

So guys! In planning your meals, try to provide the best meal at the most reason able prices. Prepare your meals in such a way that your family will not only enjoy eating, but will do so with gratitude for what you done. Provide a happy atmosphere in your home, without rivalry of favoritism. Be contented, and make the most of what have. Look on the bright side, encourage your children to do the same. Meal times will then be pleasurable occasions for all the family, and children will remember you deep gratitude for all the happiness you given them.

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