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Applying a Tourniquet

Never apply a tourniquet unless there is no other way of controlling the bleeding. Use a tourniquet in a real emergency only. Follow these directions carefully.

Wind a flat band twice around the leg or arm. A necktie, stocking, or large handkerchief may be used for this purpose. Tie a single knot, then hold a small stick on top of the knot, and tie two more knots. Gently twist the stick until the band is tight enough to stop the flow of blood. Do not twist beyond this point. Leave the tourniquet in place until the doctor comes. If this is likely to be more than half an hour, loosen the tourniquet every 20 minutes for a few seconds, then tighten it again. Be sure to write down the exact time when the tourniquet was applied. If the patient is sent to hospital, write the letter “T” {for “tourniquet”} on his forehead, using a ballpoint pen, crayon, or lipstick.

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  1. [...] Apply a tourniquet above the area, similar to that use for snake bite. Lay an ice pack over the injured area to [...]

  2. [...] pressure aver the bleeding vessels, using a bandage and a clean dressing. If necessary, apply a tourniquet . Cut or remove any clothing that obstruct your vision of the injured [...]

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