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Dealing with Faintness and Dizziness

Fainting is common, especially at certain times of life. It may arise from a number of different causes, such as hunger, fatigue, anxiety, or even emotional shock, which may occur upon hearing bad news. Any slight injury, even the sight of blood, may bring this on. Fainting may also arise from internal bleeding and severe pain.

The victim suddenly feels weak and is unable to stand upright. At first he may feel a sensation of dizziness, as if the floor is moving. If he can lie down promptly, he may not lose consciousness. For a few seconds he may fail to breathe, and the pulse may be very weak.

What to do: Have him bend forward and place the head between the knees. This may be all that is needed. If he does not improve, lay him flat on his back with his head a little lower than the body. Elevate the legs to bring the blood back down until he recovers. If recovery is slow, cover him with a blanket and call a doctor. His condition might be due to something more serious than you realize.

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