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How to Handle Bone Fracture

  1. Send for a doctor, if at all possible.
  2. Prevent further damage by applying a splint before attempting to move the victim.
  3. Keep the injured person warm and comfortable to combat shock.
  4. Control bleeding. Apply heavy pressure aver the bleeding vessels, using a bandage and a clean dressing. If necessary, apply a tourniquet . Cut or remove any clothing that obstruct your vision of the injured area.
  5. Leave the bone fragments alone. If you see the broken sticking through the skin, cover it with sterile gauze and apply a splint. Hold the limb steady in the position where the break occurred. Leave all further manipulation to the doctor. Take the patient to a hospital at once.
  6. When in doubt whether there is a fracture or not, apply a splint as suggested below. The only purpose of a splint is to hold the bone fragments steady so that the nearby joints cannot move. Any movement of the injured limb may cause serious trouble.

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