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How to Prevent Shock

  1. Keep the victim quiet and lying down. Make him comfortable as you can.
  2. Keep him warm. If he is lying on a cold or wet surface, try to work a blanket or some newspapers under him. Disturb him as little as possible. Cover him to keep him warm. Use anything that may be handy, even newspapers, for this purpose. If he feels cold, place a warm water bottle at his feet. Take care not to burn him.
  3. liquids. Never give any liquid to an unconscious person. If he is conscious and the doctor is likely to be delayed, give him a warm drink if he request it. Tea, coffee, or warm milk may be used. Give only a teaspoonful at a time and never more than a cup unless he feels very thirsty. If he has an abdominal injury, do not give him anything by mouth.
  4. Encouragement. Shocks arises directly from the injury. Fear will make it much worse. Do not let the victim see his injuries. This may only increase his fear and bring on a state of shock. Assure him that he is safe and that no harm will come to him if he lies quietly while waiting for the doctor. His best change for making a quick recovery is to rest calmly until help arrives.

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