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Preventing Wound Infection

Whenever the skin is broken there is always the possibility of infection. Be careful not touch the wound with the tips of the fingers, or with anything else that may be carrying germs. If the wound looks fairly clean and bleeding has stopped, cover the area with sterile dressings and bandage it firmly place. Usually it is best to leave the wound alone until the doctor has had time to examine it thoroughly.

If the wound is contaminated with dirt, and the doctor is not likely to see it for several hours, carefully wash the whole area with soapy water into the deeper parts of the wound. Then apply the dressing over the wound and bandage it firmly in place.

A little bleeding is often beneficial in the healing. Do not lift the dressing off every few minutes to see what is happening. You may not be giving the blood time enough to clot.

Above all, keep yourself calm. Do what must be done without becoming excited? Remember, soap and water are more valuable than all the antiseptics you may want to apply. Clean the wound first, then apply the antiseptic solution if you wish. Finally place a dressing and bandage it firmly in place. In any serious injury, be sure to seek qualified medical help without delay.

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