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Nose bleeding is very common at any time of life. In children the bleeding comes from some injury to the nose. In elderly people the bleeding may arise from high blood pressure. If the head has been injured, and there is a mixture of blood and watery or spinal fluid, there maybe be a fracture at the base of the skull. It is important to have an -ray in all such cases.

Tipping the head back and holding the nose may control a nosebleed.

Tipping the head back and holding the nose may control a nosebleed.

Bleeding Nose Treatment:

Keep the patient sitting upright in a comfortable position, with the head held back. Apply steady pressure to the side of the nose that is bleeding. Press  on the nostril and hold firmly for at least 12 or 15 minutes. The patient should breath  through his mouth during this time. He must not blow his nose. Have some apply cold cloths to the  back of the neck or to the face, or both. If the bleeding is heavy and does not stop in a short time, call the doctor. It may be necessary to cauterize the bleeding area. Sometimes a large injection of female hormone, given intravenously, will help to stop the bleeding. In case of the heavy bleeding, it may be necessary to have the nasal passages packed with special gauze to prevent further hemorrhage.
Heres another product available in the market that quick and easy way to stop nosebleeds. Easy to insert nasal packing. Allows nosebleed sufferer to get right back to what they were doing when nosebleed starts. No hiding out in the bathroom, reduces embarrassments and it doesn’t stick to new cloths. No rebleeds.

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